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this movie was amazing 

“If you want to be happy don’t think.”
Kids (1995) dir. Larry Clark

suburbjesus asked: hey did you guys get a show in June?

Haven’t checked with anybody yet. Still trying to get through graduation and work. 

My life is a mess.

Anonymous asked: When's your birthday?

Aug 6th

Anonymous asked: Could I send you a song I wrote?

Yes, please. 

camyoungg asked: come to Chicago please

I will be in Chicago in June. 

the-rain-shaped-shimmer-trap asked: do more shows in LA, i missed the last one


howarddesk asked: i really dig televisions and surf curse. just curious, why arent yall on spotify?

I don’t know.

I have looked into a few times and it seems kind of horrible, but I have some time today. I might look into it again for shits sake. 

Anonymous asked: that demo track really fucked me up

In a good way I hope.