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Anonymous asked: I want to upgrade my drum gear. I have nice cymbals and a Ludwig starter kit. Where should I go from here?

Go Pearl. Get something nice, but not too expensive. Honestly it really doesn’t matter what instruments you are playing, just as long as it feels good playing it and your drums don’t fall apart all the time. 

Anonymous asked: swhy did you choose to use a drum machine instead of real drums for your tele/visions stuff

Originally I was trying to figure out a way to play my solo stuff with live shows. My roommate at the time gave me a drum machine that he had. I started using the drum machine and looping to play my songs live. Ever since I’ve just been using the drum machine for all my songs. 

Anonymous asked: what do you enjoy about movies? i notice a lot of movie related stuff in your/sc music

I love the feelings I get when I watch a movie. Someone has worked for years just make a 2 hour film which is full of so much emotion and perfection. It is almost too much to process it all sometimes, but the movies that pull off that overwhelming emotion or create entirely new worlds or ideas are always so rewarding. 

Normally I try to add that cinematic value to my songs and hopefully convey the feeling or mood of that movie. Whether it is nostalgia, love, loss, joy, suffering, hope or something else. 

Anonymous asked: Does Jacob have any solo stuff? If not you should push him to do so! I'm interested in hearing what he comes up with on his own




Click that and listen to all of it. You won’t be sorry. 


I’m in Love with a GIrl - Big Star

This song tears my heart out 

takes a shit on it 

and puts it back in my chest.

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Adoro este poster japonês do La vie d’Adèle. #cenasfixesparadecorarcasas

He’s a very dangerous boy.

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Lust For Youth - “Illume” 

Directed by Cali Thornhill DeWitt

International LP out 6/10/14 on Sacred Bones Records

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